Next.js is a basically javascript framework build with react js, webpack, and babel. Next.js help the developer to create a static generation (SSG) and server-side rendering (SSR) website with easy ways.

Next.js is built by ZEIT. But recently 1 Month ago ZEIT purchase by Vercel. That means ZEIT is now Vercel.

ZEIT is now Vercel – Vercel
Today, we have some very special news regarding the evolution of our company.

Next.js helping to optimize your website. Recently lots of developers working with Next.js.


Next.js, Nuxt.js, and Nest.js are different frameworks || library.


Next.js Feature help to developer solve the major problem in web development.

  1. Pre-Rendering Support SSG And SSR
  2. CSS-in-JS
  3. Zero Configuration
  4. Ready for Production


install next in your machine with two ways

  1. Manual Setup
  2. Automatically Setup

Manual Setup:

Install next, react and react-dom in your project:

npm install next react react-dom

Open package.json and add the following scripts:

"scripts": { 
   "dev": "next", 
   "build": "next build",  
   "start": "next start"

After Installation run script use this Cmd

npm run dev

Now Visit on this URL in your browser http://localhost:3000/. your webserver Now Work 😃

Automatically Setup:

We highly recommend a beginner person to create a new Next.js app using this command create-next-app , this cmd Setup everything automatically for you.

npm init next-app
# or
yarn create next-app

After the installation is complete.

cd path // make sure you same folder other wish no use
npm run dev  // that cmd open create server and run your default browser http://localhost:3000/

Start the development server. After Try editing pages/index.js and see the result on your browser.


Index.js default next.js router path.

Next.js Youtube Course:

On youtube, not much big like 1+ hours course video like That. But some YouTuber great work in Next.js.

1. Bruno Antunes:

Bruno Antunes provides to great path of Next.js. That person creates a lot of tutorials on it make sure you watch it.

Next.js Tutorial Into By Bruno Antunes

Youtube PlayList:

Next.js Tutorial Playlist By Bruno Antunes

2. Imran Sayed — Codeytek Academy:

Imran Sayed a Great developer my opinion. Imran stayed, next.js course provide you to a learning path in next.js and tell you about next.js || Wordpress API|| apollo || graphql.

Next.js Tutorial into By Imran Sayed

Youtube Playlist:

Next.js Tutorial Playlist By Imran Sayed


Tell me about other Youtuber work with Next.js. than me mention on my blog Post #Comment Now.


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My Opinion next.js. Great Library To help the developer create server-side rendering (SSR) with one function || method in next.js. My big surprise When I start work with Wordpress and graphql. Next.js Provide More stable as compare to other React.js frameworks.

Now My first choice Nextjs in frontend-developer

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