What are HTML Tags?

HTML tag specify Character to define an HTML element.

What are HTML Tags?

Tags Are Specified word or Character used to Define Tags Inside HTML.
They begin with the < Open Bracket symbol and end with the > Closing Bracket symbol. Whatever is written inside < and > are called tags.

  • Start tag or opening tag(<html>) and End tag or closing tag(</html>).
  • An end tag always matches a start tag, except that it has an extra forward slash(/) after the opening angle bracket use in Eng Tag.


<h1> A heading </h1>
html tag Example.

HTML tag Example By Rajdeep Singh
HTML tag Example By Rajdeep Singh

HTML Tags Type:

  1. Container Tag:
  2. Empty Tag:

Container Tag:

Container tag always Contain opening and closing Tag.


<html> </html>
<head> </head>
<body> </body>
Container Example Tags

Empty Tag:

Empty Tag Do Not Contain Opening and Closing Tag


Empty Example Tag

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