Install Vscode Editor in Raspberry pi 4

visual studio is free open-source software.

Install Vscode Editor in Raspberry pi 4

Vscode(visual studio code) is a free open source code editor developed by Microsoft.
Vscode editor provides lots of extensions to improve your code written speed. vscode editor also helps in debugging.


Language support:

vscode editor support all languages. like HTML, CSS, javaScript, PHP, Typescript, Python, Co, c, c++, Rust, Perl, Sass, and other languages as well.


Vscode IntelliSense helps with syntax highlighting and autocomplete. IntelliSense provides smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules.


vscode provides Debug functionality in vscode. you also set breakpoints inside the vscode editor.

Git Commands Support:

Vscode editor working with git and other version control systems. you easily pull and push code from the editor.

Extensible and customizable:

Install extensions to add new languages, themes, debuggers, and connect to additional services.
vscode extensions run always separately. vscode extension doesn't slow down your editor.


You can deploy and host your react, angular, Vue, Node, Python sites, and also another site.

Install Vscode in Raspberry Pi 4:

  • Firstly check your Operating system in your Raspberry pi 4. My raspi 4 is 32-bit.
  • After go to the official Vscode download page.
Download page of vscode
Download page of vscode

Follow steps

download vscode base on edition
download vscode base on edition


  1. If your use the Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit edition system. then you download the ARM version.
  2. if your use the Raspberry Pi OS  64-bit edition. then dowanload ARM 64 version.

open file in file manager
open file in file manager
  • After your downloaded complete.then open your file in raspberry File manager.
  • double click on your file and install your file.
  • if doble click not working. then click mouse right button and click package install button.
  • your Raspberry pi ask you permission for installation.

click install button to start installing vscode
click install button

after you click on install button. then open a raspberry  authentication promt box and enter your user passward.

your passward successfull submit after your vscode installation start.

vscode installation running after few mint(2-3mint) your vscode install successfully.

Open your vscode in raspberry pi 4

Open your vscode with 3 ways

  1. Firstly

Click Raspberry pi icon > Programming > Click Visual Studio Code. after your vs code run.

2. Secondly

raspberry pi icon > Accessoriess > Click Visual Studio Code. after your vs code run.

3. Third

open vs code

Open your currently working folder and run vscode Command. in  few second your folder files in vscode.

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