If You Interested To Learn to create Account Help of Youtube. Then Is Video For You to create an account on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) For Student. I personly recommended You  following GCP On Youtube

Introduction Video For Student By Google


  1. Create Account
  2. Free Trial
  3. Resolve Suspended and Verify Account

Create Account:

Firstly visited Google Cloud Website on Your Browser. After Create Account on GCP.

official Website

Free Trial:

You Create Account successfully Than Google Redirect To GCP Free Trail Page.

Add Information
  1. Enter County
  2. Allow Terms of Service
  3. Continue
  4. Account Type Business or Individual
  5. Tax Information
  6. Name And Address
  7. Name
  8. Address line 1
  9. Address line 2
  10. City
  11. Postal Code
  12. State
  13. Primary Contact
  14. Payment Method
  15. Start My Trial

Add Account

Add address

Add Payment

Fill All Information About Your Self. Payment Method In India Currently Supports Credit Card, Master Card, and  Visa Card.

Google Currently Not Support Debit Card In India. You Fill Your Debit Card Infomation maybe You Lucky Man. Your Account Activate.

Resolve Suspended and Verify Account:

In some case, We Try Multiple Time verify debit card on GCP Or another issue Our New Account Temporarily Suspended and Google Cloud Team Send You A email To say That Verify Account.

Email Look Like

TransitionAfter Open That Link GCP team Ask You Fill form. firstly you fill  Billing Account Id. Secondly you Share Your Credit Card or debit card Bank Statement with the last Four Digit Must be Show In Your Statement.
Maybe you send your credit card phots with the last 4 digit

Show Last 4 digit @copyright sbi.com

Note: SBI Card Credit Card E-Statement Not Show Your Last Four Digit. In case You send Your E-Transaction History details with and another case you Go to Bank Ask Bank staff to give my bank statements.

Reference :

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